Inner Peace

When everything is honored*, and it doesn't matter if anything matters or not, that's the state of inner peace. Honor, per se, infuses everything, and the self, and it suffices. When things start to matter, is when honor has already gone.


And all I can say is that gracefulness of self pursues honoring everything. As light reflects back on you when you shine it onto a mirror. And what are other things to us, but mirrors? Shine light, and you get light; leave them in the darkness and you get a dark face.


We all deserve the light, we all deserve the grace. And nothing can deprive us of our birth rights, but our ignorance.


There is something in the air.


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قربون محبتتون! :)) . اين يه بار رو يه مرامي بذارين ديكسيونر نيگا كنين. خير سرم منشور حقوق بشر نوشتم! :)) .


Sex is in the air.. lalala lalala la sex is in the air


Why of all things 'sex is in the air'?? . صد بار تو را گفتم: کم‌خور دو سه پیمانه!


اگه این درست باشه: When things start to matter, is when honor has already gone اون وقت این but به نظر زاید میاد: everything is honored, but nothing matters ...


خب، اگه به جاش بذارم and فکر می‌کنی درست‌ بشه؟